In October 2003 I bought myself a 72-bass piano accordion. Since then I have used it to terrorise the internets with alarming renditions of popular melodies. I take requests - my email address is

Here are some I prepared earlier.

4' 33" (John Cage) - 4.3MB

Absolute Beginners (David Bowie) - 2.7MB

Angels (Robbie Williams) - 3.3MB

Are Friends Electric? (Gary Numan) - 2.4MB

Baby One More Time (Britney Spears) - 0.3MB

Back For Good (Take That) - 1MB

Beautiful (Christina Aguilera) - 0.9MB

Beetlebum (Blur) - 3.8MB

Cry Me A River (Justin Timberlake) - 2.3MB

Dancing Queen (ABBA) - 1.9MB

Death Of A Disco Dancer (The Smiths) - 1.7MB

Don't You Want Me (Human League) - 2.9MB

Eine Symphonie Des Grauens (The Monochrome Set) - 0.5MB

Girls On Top (Hussey) 2.7MB

Goldfinger (John Barry) - 1.4MB

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John) - 2.6MB

Heliogabalus (Momus) - 1MB

How Deep Is Your Love? (The Bee Gees) - 1.9MB

I Can't Go For That (Hall & Oates) - 1.6MB

International Lover (Riviera F) - 2.4MB

Kim Wilde (Charlotte Hatherley) - 3.2MB

Live And Let Die (Paul McCartney and Wings) - 2.2MB

Mad World (Tears For Fears) - 2.8MB

Mandolin World (same as above, but with mysterious internet-dweller Peter Object guesting on mandolin) - 1.3MB

The Mercy Seat (Nick Cave) - 2.3MB

Michael (Franz Ferdinand) - 2.5MB

Paranoid Android (Radiohead) - 4MB

Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode) - 1.7MB

Return To Oz (Scissor Sisters) - 1.6MB

Rock And Roll Suicide (David Bowie) - 2.7MB

Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode) - 0.7MB

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) - 1.3MB

Stronger (Sugababes) - 0.9MB

Summer (Charlotte Hatherley) - 2.9MB

Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand) - 2.3MB

I Believe In A Thing Called Love (The Darkness) - 1.6MB

This Is Hardcore (Pulp) - 5.3MB

Trans-Europe Express (Kraftwerk) - 1.5MB

Unfinished Sympathy (Massive Attack) - 2.5MB

Voulez-Vous (ABBA) - 2.1MB

Appearance on Ed Jefferson's show on Rare fm on February the 15th, 2004
Part 1 - Toxic
Part 2 - Popjustice plug
Part 3 - Sweet Dreams My LA Ex
Part 4 - This Is Hardcore
Part 5 - I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Appearance on Claire and Phoebe's show on Rare fm on September the 28th, 2004
Part 1 - Intro
Part 2 - Cry Me A River, Baby One More Time
Part 3 - Pet Shop Boys, Live & Let Die
Part 4 - Interview with Charlotte Hatherley (first half)
Part 5 - Interview with Charlotte Hatherley (second half), Grease
Part 6 - Wuthering Heights, Paranoid Android